You’re never too old to pass out Valentine’s cards, candy, balloons and flowers when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Residents and staff made certain that love was in the air.

Residents helped decorate the facility for the special occasion. Red and pink-colored decorations were everywhere, stuffed animals seemed to outnumber the people who reside there and there were so many beautiful flowers that Hillcrest Health and Rehab resembled the storefront of a florist. The holiday of love is always admired, anticipated and enjoyed by the facility and proudly show it.

The first Valentine’s Day started on Feb. 14, 496 and got its name from the famous saint. It’s origin stems from St. Valentine’s days as a priest from Rome. Thinking married men made bad soldiers, Emperor Claudius II banned marriage. Valentine disagreed with that philosophy and arranged marriages in secret. The emperor eventually found out and Valentine was imprisoned and given the death sentence.

While in prison, Valentine became infatuated with the jailer’s daughter and in his last moments before his death, he sent a love letter and it ended with, “From your Valentine.”

Grab the tissues, cue the tears and become overwhelmed with love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.