Today Residents and Employees of Hillcrest Health & Rehabilitation Center united to walk in honor of the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. As Long Term Care Employees, this is a disease that we see daily. We remind residents who have forgotten; we assist those who can no longer assist themselves; we calm those who are upset because they don’t understand; we re-direct those who are searching for someone who has long since passed. This is a horrible disease that gradually affects mental and physical functioning, and it has no cure.

It takes a very special group of caregivers to provide care for these individuals, and it takes the support of family, friends, and the caregiving team as a whole to ensure a positive quality of life for these individuals. We wanted to have our own facility walk this year so that we could include many of our caregivers and residents in this fight with us. Thank you to all who joined us today, and thank you for helping us to care for such a very special population of people.

A Poem by Michelle DeSocio

I Will

When you forget I will remember for us both

When you get lost I will find you

When you are sad I will be sad with you

When the fear comes I will comfort you

When you cry I will dry your tears

When you lash out at me I will not be angry

When you repeat I will have patience

When you forget my name I will understand

When you cannot eat I will feed you

When your legs fail I will carry you

When you long for home I will be your safe place

When your journey is ending I will be by your side

I will love you for eternity,

I Will …

A reading of the poem can be watched on our Facebook page